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A Café Lover's Idea!


Café is the Spanish word for coffee. Growing up in the Caribbean, I have been drinking the amazing café of Puerto Rico since I can remember. As a child, I remember picking coffee beans, roasting and grinding coffee under the sun with my mother. Coffee brings back good memories!  As a coffee lover and a gift giving fan, the thought of merging two things I love sparked the idea of an all coffee themed store. I wanted to share my passion, and this business was born.

I Say it with Café strives to enhance the experience of coffee, providing our customers the opportunity to taste freshly roasted single origin café from selected Caribbean and Latin América countries. Our customers can also 'say it with café' with our selection of coffee themed gifts, novelties, and gift sets. Our quality products are carefully hand selected, packed, and designed with love. 

We love our concept. We hope you love it too! 

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Coffee Gifts: Sharing the Love of Coffee!


Coffee is an experience. Whether waking up in the morning, or during that mid-day pick me up, coffee gives us comfort. The smell, the flavor, the sight, or even some coffee jokes, can bring an instant smile to a face. We all know someone who loves coffee… a husband, a wife, a dad, a friend, a neighbor, a teacher, a coworker. Coffee can tell that person a simple "thank you" or "I'm thinking of you" on that special day. 

Experience and share the love of coffee. From quality coffee to unique novelties, we have a gift for all the coffee lovers in your life, including yourself. The possibilities are endless of what you can say with café!

Contact us at if you need your gift order to be packed, delivered locally, or sent as a gift. We'll be happy to put together an attractive gift box for you! 

Learn more about our corporate, and special events customize coffee favors and gifts! We'll be happy to work with you to make your event memorable with café!

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"SayCafé" Coffee Private Label: Direct Trade and Organic Fair Trade Certified Coffee


SayCafé private label coffee provides the opportunity to enjoy the aroma and flavor of single origin coffees from Latin América and Caribbean countries. Currently, our selection consists of Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Perú, Guatemala and Costa Rica coffee. 

Our 100% Puerto Rico coffee is Directly Traded from Lares, Puerto Rico. The rest of our coffee collection is Fair Trade Certified Organic coffee, locally roasted in Michigan, and ground to order, to ensure the freshness of our product. 

Our featured coffee is our single origin Puerto Rico coffee. Puerto Rico's high quality coffee, medium-dark roasted, is bold, as it is smooth and sweet. The island's climate and its interior altitude provides a perfect environment to grow coffee.  

Is there any coffee you would like to try or order? We can get it for you! 

Perhaps a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee? 

Send us a request.  

Enjoy SayCafé!     

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