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 More than a drink, coffee is a way of expression. Experience the gift of coffee!  


Why I Say It With Café?

We love coffee just like you! More than just a drink, we believe coffee brings people and community together.  Say "I Love You", "Thank You", "Happy Birthday" or "I'm Thinking of You" with great coffee, coffee gift and novelties. Or pamper yourself with coffee.  What's your "it"? We'll help you Say It With Café!

Our Story

About Us


Café is the Spanish word for coffee. Growing up in Puerto Rico, I have been drinking coffee since I can remember. Coffee is part of my culture.  For me, coffee represents comfort, building relationships, family and friends gathering together having a great conversation. Coffee can be time set aside for self, or with others. Coffee can be an experience and a gift. More than just a drink, coffee is a way of expression. Whatever you have to say, you can say it with coffee. 

To share my passion for coffee and gifts, I created this fun and unique business.

 “I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community.” 

-Howard Schultz

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Unique Coffee Gifts!


At I Say It With Café , you can find great coffee, and coffee gifts and novelties to create a perfect gift for any occasion.  Need to say ‘Thank You’, ‘Happy Birthday’, or  ‘I’m Thinking of You’? We want to help you express "It" in a UNIQUE and DIFFERENT way.  Coffee is a Language in Itself.

The possibilities are endless of what you can say with café!

Contact us at isayitwithcoffee@gmail.com if you need assistance with any of your gifting needs, or to inquire about custom orders. We want to help you say it with coffee! 

Learn more about our corporate, and customize coffee favors and gifts! Stand out with your customers or your guests. We'll be happy to work with you to make your corporate gifting or event memorable with café!

SayCafé Private Label Coffee: Fair Trade and Direct Trade Caribbean and Latin America Single Origin Coffees


SayCafé private label coffee brings you the experience of single origin coffees from Latin América and Caribbean countries. Our current selection consists of Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Perú, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Jamaica Blue Mountain

Our 100% Puerto Rico coffee is Directly Traded from Lares, Puerto Rico. The rest of our coffee collection is Fair Trade Certified Organic coffee, roasted in Michigan, ground and hand packet to order, always fresh. 

Any coffee you would like to try or order? 

Send us a request at isayitwithcoffee@gmail.com

Enjoy SayCafé!